You can JOIN US

We are an open collaboration and welcome any ideas to use the data for your science. If you are interested please send us half to one page description of the project, including:

    • A descriptive title
    • Background information
    • Summary of planned analysis/methodology
    • Expected outcomes
    • Required data products and whether you are happy to contribute to their creation

Please send this information to lead-team .at.




Principal Investigators:

Caroline Foster

Claudia Lagos

Trevor Mendel

Emily Wisnioski

Tiantian Yuan (past PI)


Associate investigators:

Tania Maria Barone

Rob Bassett

Andrew Battisti

Kenji Bekki

Sabine Bellstedt

Joss Bland-Hawthorn

Sarah Brough

Julia Bryant

Alex Cameron

Florencia Collacchioni

Matthew Colless

Camila Correa

Luca Cortese

Scott Croom

Luke Davies

Francesco D’Eugenio

Caroline Derkenne

Michael Drinkwater

Simon Driver

Anna Ferre-Mateu

Deanne Fisher

Duncan Forbes

Eda Gjergo

Karl Glazebrook

Anshu Gupta

Katherine Harborne

Asm Ifti

Evelyn Johnston

Lisa Kewley

Aman Khalid

Chiaki Kobayashi

Nicha Leethochawalit

Richard McDermid

Uros Mestric

Simon Mutch

Sree Oh

Matt Owers

Adriano Poci

Yingjie Peng

Rhea-Silvia Remus

Aaron Robotham

Elaine Sadler

Feliz Schulze

Nicholas Scott

Sarah Sweet

Ned Taylor

Vy Tran

James Trayford

Dian Triani

Jesse van de Sande

Sam Vaughan

Sukyoung Yi

Lorenzo Zasini